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2020 COVID-19 News

Like many of you, Wingenback has been working through this whirlwind of Covid-19 to determine the steps required to operate safely at this time.  Our office staff is working from home, our crews only travel to sites when needed and are taking new PPE precautions no one ever expected.

We know for our clients to operate their safety protocols have changed and we have developed a Covid-19 desk/counter top shield that is being distributed across Canada to assist with the new standards.  Pricing for these shields can be found below; installation and packaging fees are confirmed upon inquiry.  

For inquiries and questions please email or speak with your local Wingenback Ltd representative. 











To our loyal customers:


Thank you for your ongoing support of Wingenback.

In a very exciting development, Wingenback has partnered with Equicapita as part of our long term planning.

This process of finding the right partner to invest in our business took a long time, but it was very important for us to create a solid relationship with people whose style and culture match our own. We are very fortunate to have found that partner who will help us to continue to deliver solutions to you for the next decade and beyond. Equicapita has a proven track record of investing in successful companies for the long term, keeping in place all of the things that already work well.


We are more positive than ever about the future of our company and Wingenback will continue to operate exactly has you have come to expect over the years.


All of our staff and management remain in place and, most importantly, our culture and “yes we can” attitude will not change.


We expect that you will not see any changes in the way we serve you and we will continue to earn your business with every interaction.


Bill VanderDoelen

Vice President

Wingenback Inc.






Canada's Sports Hall of Fame - 2017

What happens behind the scenes at Canada's Sports Hall of Fame? - Just ask Wingenback.  Take a look at this youtube video for some footage of the F1 Race car removal recently done onsite.




City of Calgary - Central Library - October 2016

Check out our talented crews move retired Engine 23 into the City of Calgary's library.



Mobile Solutions - Fall 2016

In partnership with financial institutions across Canada Wingenback Inc. has developed and supplied mobile banking units that provide customers with easy access to their financial resources during any disaster scenario.  Wingenback provides a turnkey solution that includes not only the design and build of the mobile recovery unit (MRU), but also the operation and maintenance of the unit. We ensure your MRU is deployed in less than 24 hours after a disaster occurs.  Each business has unique needs; units can be designed to include teller stations, private offices, ATM equipment and/or a secure room.  To discuss your mobile design ideas contact

Barry Emo at or your local representative. 





Calgary - 23rd Story High Rise Move

On February 13th 2016 the Wingenback Calgary division had a crew of three men downtown to remove two 5700lb compressors out of the 23rd floor window of a Calgary office building.  These were replaced at the same time with two new units using a crane to lift them from the street, up 23 floors and through a window.  Traffic was blocked off, onsite hazard assessments were performed and a fall protection plan was put in place.  Two employees wearing 20’ self-retracting lifelines were on the 23rd floor to secure a platform to the side of the building, once in place each compressor was m

oved on the platform, secured and then brought down.  Pictures show the view from the ground looking up at the platform




Wingenback unveils their YouTube site!

As of January 2016 Wingenback has started up a YouTube site where all videos of our work will be located making it easier to see the variety of work we do.

Click the below link to be directed to the webpage: