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1975 - Allan Wingenbach founded Wingenback Inc. By establishing a small moving and service operation in Calgary Alberta.  The goal was to move, install, store, and refurbish physical security equipment with a level of service far superior to what the financial institutions were accustomed to.

1976 - Wingenback was called on to provide hot shot hauling, crane service and rigging for the oil and gas community.

1977 - With a rapidly expanding client list in Southern Alberta and the consistant demand for the same level of service in Northern Alberta, Wingenback responded by opening an Edmonton division.

1978 - Wingenback added more services to both divisions by installing the ATM’s and diversifying into the transportation, rigging and installations of printing presses.

1980 - Wingenback designed and constructed a new building to facilitate the Calgary operations.

1985 - Wingenback diversified further by supplying and manufacturing Safes and Vaults for

Banks, Credit Unions and Trust Companies.

1987 - Wingenback was called on to move chillers, generators and transformers into high rise buildings.

1990 - With the increasing demand for Automated tellers in the financial community, Wingenback expanded into the supply and manufacturing of kiosks and surrounds for the ATM’s.

1991 - Wingenback opened an office in Vancouver to provide products and services in British Columbia.

1995 - To service the rapidly expanding manufacturing arm, Wingenback opening a facility in Crossfield Alberta dedicated to the fabrication of kiosks and surrounds.

1996 -  Wingenback was awarded a national contract to provide a complete solution for kiosks and surrounds in a large ATM upgrade program in Canada.

1997 - Wingenback opened a division in Toronto Ontario to provide moving services and sales support for the manufacturing division.

1998 - Wingenback was awarded a contract to provide kiosks outside of Canada.

2000 - Further expansion for Wingenback in the financial community saw the opening of a   project management division that provided a turnkey solution for ATM deployments, construction and rebranding programs.

2001 - Wingenback secures a national rebranding contract for a major Canadian Bank

2003 - Wingenback became a leading supplier of atm products and services in the North American market.

2004 - Wingenback Consolidates all Manufacturing including fibreglass into the Crossfield plant

2007 - Wingenback creates a strategic plan that will focus on efficiency while developing and nurturing core business.  A plan to refine and enhance Wingenback’s manufactured products but at the same time keep them affordable.

2008 - A vision of Wingenback planning for the years ahead was put in place.  The concept of a one roof operation was completed in May of 08.  Wingenback moved into a new head office location that is truly unique in the industry. While it is the corporate head office the facility is also home to the banking products and services division, industrial moving division, project management, construction division, and has some manufacturing capabilities in house.  

2009 - Wingenback continues to develop and enhance all products and services to a higher standard.  A standard their clients have been used to since 1975.

2010 - New Toronto Facility opens in Milton, Ontario.

2011 - Halifax opens to provide Atlantic to Pacific operations.

         - Wingenback is awarded the Scotiabank Financial Performance Award from The Small Business Week Calgary event that occurs yearly every fall. 


2014 - Wingenback Calgary team member, Ryan Potter, receives a special Safety Award from Ledcor while working at the new Shaw North Data Centre.