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Assets & Infrastructure

Wingenback is proud of our vast fleet of new vehicles. We keep them clean and well serviced to ensure that we are always on time and looking professional.


Wingenback forklift   Wingenback Ontario

Vehicles and equipment include:

  • Over 80 vehicles ranging from pickup trucks, tractor trailers and crane trucks to tilt and load tandem axels.
  • Forklifts that provide a range of lifts up to 21,000 Ilbs.
  • Specialized moving equipment
  • Custom built machine moving dollies designed to lift up to 250,000 Ilbs.
  • A variety of certified gantry systems accessorized with chains, slings, chain hoists, and other hook-ups.
  • Angle dollies for moving vault panels and vault doors.
  • Certified lifting platforms.
  • Professional paint booth with custom match paint system.


Truck carrying large engine   Wingenback trucks


Truck and Forklifts   Wingenback - Calgary Division


Wingenback moving truck   Freightliner