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Power Systems (UPS)

Wingenback installs, swaps and disposes industrial scale Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units for suppliers and end users as a regular part of our business. Our experience with these units and the specialized equipment we use to move them will give peace of mind during these delicate moves. Our clients include UPS suppliers and dealers as well as individuals who need to install a new unit or remove an old one.

  • Solutions to complicated moves and installations.

    A ramp and rigging system allows us to slowly and safely lower a UPS down a flight of stairs, even if the unit cannot be tipped on its side. We use forklifts or cranes to lift a UPS up to mezzanines or down into basements. Efficient routes are planned out in advance of the move.


  • UPS systems combined with back-up power generators.

    We can move and install these systems along with other devices like electrical switch gears. We arrange for the proper trades to disassemble components when removing an old UPS or to hook up a new unit.


  • Storage solutions for UPS systems until installation.

    If you have ordered a new UPS system, generator or switch gear, we can receive the unit direct from the supplier and store it in one of our warehouses until you are ready to receive it. This is a big advantage to companies who may not have the ability to off load and safely store this equipment, that can be large, awkward, heavy and expensive.


Services for UPS Suppliers and Dealers

Wingenback offers storage and staging areas for companies who require space and equipment to care for products until they are ready for final delivery. Our facilities are insured, alarmed, climate controlled and spacious enough to handle even the largest pieces of equipment.

Challenging Installations

If the physical installation of your UPS system is challenging, our experienced installers would be pleased to provide suggestions for the move as well as a detailed quote.