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High Rise Rigging

Wingenback specializes in installing or removing equipment from high-rise buildings. We provide guidance on how to complete the job along with detailed quotes, and then can run the job from start to finish or assist you with specific parts of your plan.

Gen-set installation through a window   Moving Generator into a high rise

High-rise Rigging Services:

  • Organizing street closures
  • Working with utility companies
  • Arranging for permits
  • Obtaining equipment such as cranes or helicopters
  • Ensuring the ground is stable and providing shoring reinforcement as needed
  • Providing roof protection, riggers and labor to ensure your move goes without incident
  • Arranging for other trades required to complete the job
  • Properly disposing of used equipment


Moving equipment up or down from the roof of a high-rise building requires extreme attention to safety procedures. Our safety track record is unblemished. Ensuring the safety of our team members and all those involved in a high rise move is our main priority, all the while taking the utmost care of our clients’ equipment.

Transformer going into a high rise building   Moving an MRI into a hospital in Edmonton

Equipment and Storage

Our services include transporting your equipment to and from site. We can also store your equipment in one of our outdoor storage sites or one of our secure, climate controlled warehouses until your site is ready.

Equipment Disassembly and Assembly

When removing old equipment from a rooftop, we disassemble it into its components before lowering it to the ground. We arrange for trades to assemble/disassemble equipment as required.


Should the equipment’s location not be accessible by crane, we relocate to a different section of the roof to allow the crane to reach it.