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Services & Repair

Our versatile in-house locksmiths specialize in banking equipment and are trained to work with both normal and high security locks. Having problems with a sticky lock or a lost combination? Locked out of your equipment? Call Wingenback! We will arrive promptly to repair your problem so you experience minimal down time. Our one-year warranty on parts and labor ensures your peace of mind.

Repairing a lock   Vault equipment installation and servicing

For Financial Institutions

We offer regular maintenance programs or can respond on an as needed basis to assist you with:

  • Lockable equipment such as vault doors, safes, lockers within a vault, teller units,
    ATMs and doors.
  • Safety deposit boxes which can be repaired in the presence of your client. If you have several broken doors, we can drill and repair them in bulk.
  • Vault coring if a bank vault is locked out. We take this very seriously as we understand the negative impact on a branch if a vault cannot be accessed.
  • 24-hour emergencies. We mobilize a concrete coring company and our service technicians to be on site within a few hours and complete the service you need in less than 24 hours.
  • Night depositories. We provide sweeps when a deposit goes missing and we repair night depository mechanisms if they fail. Our extensive inventory of depositories and parts helps you avoid the purchase of expensive new units. We can also refurbish head mechanisms of existing depositories or supply a completely refurbished head and install it on site for years of future service.
  • Electronic combination locks. We specialize in supplying, maintaining, and repairing these locks while also working with leading North American suppliers, which allows us to reprogram as well as repair or replace them if they fail.
Vault equipment installation and servicing   Vault equipment installation and servicing

For Non-Financial Businesses

For clients in non-financial industries we can:

  • Open safes if a combination lock fails.
  • Change combinations.
  • Service locks and doors if they are old and starting to fail.
  • Modify your safe to add interior shelves or compartments.
  • Cut keys and provide duplicate keys for a wide variety of applications.
  • Supply safes that are new or used.

If your branch or business requires vault or safe servicing, call us today for more information.

Vault nearing completion