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Physical Security Products

Commercial and Residential

Wingenback has a long history of supplying, delivering, installing, and servicing both commercial and home safes, fire-proof filing cabinets and vaults. Our customers include:

  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Jewelers
  • Home owners
  • Others who require fire and theft resistant rooms and safes

From a typical safe that stores firearms to safes that receive the highest security ratings from insurance companies and store hundreds of thousands of dollars, Wingenback has a safe or vault solution for you.

Installing a Safety Deposit Box nest Vault set up complete

Installation and Removal

Our experience with chartered banks and credit unions across Canada proves our ability to:

  • Install awkward products into difficult locations using specialized moving equipment and well trained and experienced crews
  • Install without the use of mechanical aids when conditions are less than ideal
  • Expand an existing vault or custom build a vault specifically for your purposes
  • Utilize cranes to lower components through a hatch in the roof of a building if there is no other access
  • Remove vaults and vault doors
  • Complete installations that involve going up or down stairs and into basements or upper floors

Securifort PC 595 Safe Modular Vault Installation

Locksmith Services

Wingenback offers experienced locksmiths to service and maintain these products. We commit to completing repairs within 24 hours and have access to vault coring services. Emergency services are also available.

Insurance Guidelines

We are well-versed in insurance company guidelines and will provide you only with appropriate options that will satisfy insurance requirements.

Used and Refurbished Products

In addition, we supply used safes, vaults and fireproof file cabinets. We have a good stock of used equipment that can be purchased ‘as is’ or can be refurbished to make it like new.