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We will help you manage your design and manufacturing project from napkin sketch to installation and service, no matter what materials you require.

Due to the durability required in a Bank vestibule, the two most common industry-standard materials used internationally for ATM Surrounds, are fiberglass and metal. We are pleased to have worked with our clients to design and build their surrounds with this in mind.

Our experienced professionals will guide you through the design, installation details, prototyping, production management and account management

We have formed strategic alliances with best-in-class manufacturers of the various products whether they are millwork, fiberglass, acrylics or metal. Our partners are chosen very carefully based on thorough due diligence including criteria such as quality, capabilities, price, flexibility, corporate culture and of course their attention to customer satisfaction. Health and Safety of our people is one of the most important things to Wingenback and this must be important to all of our partners. We know personally every one of our people, so a safety program is not just a piece of paper to us; it is at the root of our culture

Torching Tubing for Drive up KioskPainting an ATM Surround

Our people are our differentiator, not just because of their vast experience with ATM surrounds, but because every one of us is dedicated to making every job a success and as this results in our client's success.

Our environmental program is reinforced in the following ways:

  • Office recycling program
  • "Take back" option
  • Recover the old products, strip them down, and recycle the material
  • Products are durable and recyclable
  • All scrap metal and wood goes to a local recycling center
  • Comply with all legislated standards and regulations, consistently assess potential environmental risks
  • Evaluate and monitor environmental performance and work with industry, government, and our people to maintain a high level of environmental awareness

Preparing an ATM Surround Preparing an ATM Surround

The smallest details cannot be overlooked. The best built product is only good if it reaches its destination ready to install right out of the box. This sounds easy, but great care must be taken to package and ship large, complex-shaped pieces around the country. As one of Canada's largest installers of ATM surrounds, we understand this and engineer our packaging to eliminate damage in shipping. The goal is to get a superior product sent safely to you when you want it.