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Branch Relocations

Wingenback has a long history of assisting with branch relocations that include moving night depositories, merchandising items, office equipment and the delicate matters of safety deposit boxes and vault contents.

Toronto Bank moveToronto Bank move

Planning Your Move

In preparation for your move, Wingenback takes care of:

  • Detailed site surveys of both the closing and receiving locations
  • Sketches of existing equipment and location notes for every safety deposit box number
  • Making notes of missing or broken boxes (repair or renumbering services are available)
  • Detailed measurements of all equipment to be relocated
  • Measuring and surveying the new location to determine if there are space limitations
  • Providing recommendations on vault size
  • Notifying alarm and cash removal companies
  • Setting up required police escort services
  • Working with the facility management companies to plan the route
  • Booking elevators and loading docks

Moving safety deposit boxes Vault demolition

Safety Deposit Box Relocation

  • Our electric and hydraulic lifts move safety deposit box nests effortlessly and efficiently.
  • Nests and contents are blanket-wrapped for protection.
  • We use complete floor protection along the path of travel in both the closing and receiving locations.
  • Detailed measurements of all equipment to be relocated
  • We accommodate for time constraints and extended hours to ensure minimal customer impact.

If you are moving new nests into a vault that already contains safety deposit boxes, we have solutions to merge the nests and differentiate the nests’ numbers.

Authorized Retailer of Securifort

Wingenback is Canada’s leading authorized retailer of Securifort products for financial institutions.

Securifort Products:

  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Two or four door compartment lockers
  • Coin lockers
  • Signature trays
  • Vaults
  • Night depositories

Start-to-finish services:

  • Supplying and installing the vault
  • Providing interior vault finishing options
  • Supplying physical securities equipment and relocating the contents from a merging branch into the new location