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Banking Products & Services Case Studies

Security Relocations

Wingenback is an expert in security relocations.

When relocating security equipment such as safety deposit boxes, night depositories, safes, etc, there are many logistical, organizational, and safety challenges/concerns that are faced. No job is too big or small, we specialize in vault design and planning of the physical securities.

We will handle all parts of the relocation of the equipment from booking police & security, notification of the alarm company about upcoming actions, organizing crews to perform the relocation, preparing the required vehicles for the task, and notifying all of the other companies in relation to their specific tasks. Safety deposit box relocations require special attention to detail. When a branch is relocating or merging with an existing location often the numerical sequence has to be differentiated in advance or avoid customer confusion. A layout has to be developed for the new boxes as to how they will fit into the new space and to maximize the space to determine available space for future expansion.

Wingenback's extensive range of service vehicles includes service vans, cube vans, flatbed trucks, tilt and loads, and boom lifts which enables us to be versatile and ready for any task. Whether there is a safe to be removed from a basement of a house, a vault to be removed from a relocating branch, a safety box relocation, or even a generator to be moved to the roof of a downtown high-rise. Wingenback does that. Please contact a Wingenback office and ask how we can assist in your upcoming projects.

Pharmaceutical Vault Installation

Our Wingenback location in Surrey, BC just completed the largest pharmaceutical vault we have ever done. The vault consisted of 107 vault panels that included a cage which consisted of 258 panels.

This job took us 3 weeks to complete with a crew of 6 men, and was very time consuming and labour intensive. The install took 3 weeks to complete. We needed to install the vault first, and then the cage. The cage had to be tied into the roof of the vault. As we are in an earthquake zone, the engineer had us core 36 -3/4" holes into the floor and anchor the vault to the floor with Hilti expansion anchors. We used a 6000 lb forklift to build the vault, and 4 scissor lifts to build the cage around the vault. The roof of the cage had to be welded to the support beams to give greater strength to the cage. The cage panels were all bolted together and tech screwed into upright beams for a very sturdy wall. We also needed to have a 2 1/2" hole cored into the roof of the vault for ADT to run all of their alarm wires thru.

This job resulted in a very happy customer. Our crew was very accommodating in order to get the job done and many other trades worked close by.